5 homemade hair packs

    photo source: khoobsurati.com

    Enough of spending huge amounts in expensive salons trying to beautify your hair at parlors for spas etc. It’s time you use ingredients available at home and treat your hair yourself. It is inexpensive, zero chemicals and give long term benefits to your hair.

    1. For dull hair – Mix 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp beer, 1 tbsp castor oil, 1 tbsp honey and apply generously on your hair from root to tip. Put on a plastic shower cap and wrap your head with a towel. Wash off after half an hour and do a final rinse with apple cider vinegar. Using this mask thrice a week gives excellent results.
    2. For strengthening hair – Peel & puree two ripe bananas and puree and add 3 tbsp mayonnaise, 3 drops of lavendar essential oil and 1 tbsp olive oil. Mix well. Apply and leave on hair for 30 mins. Wash hair with lukewarm water. This mask may be refrigerated for future use.
    3. For hair loss – Peel & grate one large potato and squeeze juice into a bowl. Mix 2 tbsp aloe vera gel and 2 tbsp honey to this. Mix well this all the honey dissolves into the solution. Massage onto hair roots for a few minutes. Cover head with a shower cap and towel. Leave on for 2 hours and then wash off with warm water. Use the mask twice weekly.
    4. For hydration – Mix 1 tsp honey into a glass of raw whole milk then massage it into the hair from root to tip. Shampoo hair with lukewarm water after 25 minutes.
    5. For dry hair – Scrape out all the coconut cream at the bottom of a tender green coconut. Put it in a dish and microwave for 7-8 seconds to just warm it slightly. Slowly massage it into your hair from root to tip. Wrap your hair in a warm towel and sit up to for an hour. Wash with a mild shampoo and air-dry hair naturally.

    Source: makeupandbeauty.com