5 workouts to make your brain sharper

    photo credits: hispantv.com

    There are a plethora of articles on how physical fitness also helps with mental and emotional health. But we’ll look at simple workouts which are specifically targeted to make your brain stronger and sharper by improving your mental faculties. And, the harder the task, the better it is. The more stressed your brain gets, the better neuron connections are built in the brain just like a physical exercise does.

    1. Solve puzzles – Any sudoku, picture assembling challenge makes your brain work and really helps it develop. Always encourage your children to take up myriad activities. It helps to make their brain stronger and the experience does not really harm them either.
    2. Learn a new language – It is said that any child who is exposed to various languages during their first few years has better intellectual capabilities as compared to the kids who learn just one or two languages.  And, learning a new language at any age would help churn out your brain cells.
    3. Learn music –  Learning a new instrument improves your logical and reasoning abilities, improves vocabulary and also it makes you better at analysing visual information.
    4. Art & creativity – Unleash your creative side by taking up writing, journaling, drawing, sketching, just filling in the colors, dancing, knitting, which all help your brain and helps develop motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.In fact cooking can also be beneficial as you are made to use four of your senses – smell, taste, touch and sight. The mere task of writing with a pen instead of typing away on your keyboards helps improve your motor senses. Traveling is another way of improving brain functioning.
    5. Everyday skills – Do you often rely on calculators to do your math? The next time try to add up your own grocery amount or calculate the balance which the shopkeeper has to hand you back. This would help avoid you being cheated out of your money and keep your brain going on. Similarly, keep remembering and recalling things instead of writing down a list. Yes, list is beneficial but memorising it makes your brain work harder.

    Source: askmeonwellness.com