5 simple steps to glam up your eyelashes

    Photo course: pinkycloud.com

    It’s a fact that long, thick & dark eyelashes are glamorous! Revealing to you the art of doing up your eyelashes in this post. So go grab your essential tools to give your looks a face lift.

    1. Eyelash curler
    2. Any face powder
    3. Mascara (waterproof preferred)
    4. Regular mascara

    Step 1: Powder, primer

    Dab powder evenly over eye lids & lashes. This kind of acts as a primer for the lashes without actually having to use one

    Step 2: Curl the eyelashes

    its now time to give she to your eyelashes. Curl just from the roots of the lashes, and pump it a good 20ish times. Some people prefer the curled look with a few different bends in the lashes.

    Step 3: Waterproof mascara

    This is one of the most important steps. It is highly recommended to use a waterproof mascara simply for those who have really straight eyelashes ignored to hold the curl.Hence the key is to apply the first layer of waterproof mascara. One coat of the waterproof while the lashes are curled and look at the difference!

    Step 4: Regular mascara

    Add a coat of the regular mascara of your choice, let dry. Re-curl if needed for the curls to remain intact for a long time because you would want to make sure your eyelashes remain fresh n the curls do not fade as time passes. This is super easy and pretty quick!

    Step 5: Done!

    That is it! Much better!! Super easy and fairly fast, if your lashes don’t curl well you can always do the hair dryer on the eyelash curler trick for a few seconds. Also sometimes you may have to recurl your lashes once the mascara is all dry just to make my eyes look a little bigger and awake!

    Give this a try! And the glam celebrity look in not too far with these few simple steps.

    Source: allwomenstalk.com