4 Reasons not to dispose citrus peel


Not many are aware of the goodness of the citrus peels that are usually thrown away. Citrus peels contain plenty of essential oils that can be seen when you peel. Here are a few reasons why you must not just throw the citrus peels away.
1. Can be used as a natural air freshener – Boil the citrus peels in to a pot in low heat and the natural oils will slowly get released in to the water. The natural oils when mixed with water create a natural air freshener. You can also add cinnamon sticks and cloves for a delicious autumn fragrance.
2. Zest for added taste – The zest can be used to add some great flavor to the dishes. You just need a zester and make sure that you do not rub away the white portion and just the yellow part to avoid bitterness.
3. Emits bad odor from your refrigerator – Place a bowl filled with peels in the refrigerator and this will emit all the bad odor.
4. For beauty purpose – Citrus peels can be dried and powdered after which they can be used to make a good face pack or can also be added to various dishes for an added taste. Citrus peel powder with rosewater can make a great face pack.

Photo Credits: motherearthliving