5 Money mistakes made by students


Students in college are just getting ready to make a better future. Many students do not realize how much they are spending on themselves and now much they need to have a control on their budget. Most of them are not aware of the proper use of credits cards and debits cards. Here are a few financial mistakes students make.


1. Misusing or ill usage of credit cards – The banks offers students credits cards so that they can make life time customers. They are also aware that there are students who use their credit cards too much. The best option is not to carry a credit card or use it responsibly. Pay the bills regularly every month and select the one that has the lowest interest rates.
2. Spoiling your credit – Identity theft in college is a very common issue faced by students. Do not share credit card information with friends or anyone except yourself.
3. Missing scholarships – Scholarships are granted to every major and can be of great help in terms of expenses small or big. You can talk to the authorities in college about various scholarships that you can apply for.
4. Not having a plan at all – Not having a plan at all for financial matters is a big mistake. Having a plan will help you to limit your expenses every month.

Photo Credits: culturesconnection