3 Ways to maintain brain health


Scientists are still argueing on building a better health of the brain and are searching for new techniques that help to improve brain power. It is noticed that regular physical activity will help to prevent the shrinking of the brain as people age. Here are a few activities that help to improve the health of the brain.

brain health

1. Walking – An average of 40 minutes of walk, just three times a week can improve the connectivity in the brain. If not too many activities, even moderate physical activity can also help to increase performance in terms of cognitive tasks and deal with age related mental disorders.
2. Cardiac exercises – The secret to the good health of the brain is to maintain the good health of the heart. Research has found that the brain of people appears older who’s heart pumps less blood. The volume of the brain tends to shrink as and when the person ages. Studies have found that people with the lowest cardiac index have about two additional years of brain aging than a group pf participants with the highest cardiac indexes.
3. Regular exercise – The age of brain increases just like our body. Researchers have opined that being physically fit can reduce the chances of the damaging effects that the ageing effect has on the brain.

Photo Credits: shorewoodmoodle