4 Ways to use hydrogen peroxide at home


    Hydrogen peroxide solution is these days not recommended for cleaning wounds as it slows down the healing process. But the solution still has various uses at home and can work wonders in many problem areas. Here are a few uses of hydrogen peroxide at home.

    1. Washing white clothes – Instead of damaging your white clothes by using bleach, add a cup of hydrogen peroxide to the white clothes load as it helps to whiten as well as brighten the clothes. Hydrogen peroxide is anti-fungal so it can also be used to emit the damp smell from the towels.
    2. Removes stains from clothes – Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove difficult stains like of chocolate, wine, grass and arm pit stains. You just need to combine two parts of liquid with one part of dish liquid which makes your own laundry spot remover. Apply to the stains and scrub it mildly until the stain vanishes.
    3. Removes stains on marble – Marble can be stained even by water. Make a paste of flour and hydrogen peroxide and apply this solution directly to the stains. Now cover the area with a plastic wrap so that the paste does not dry out and let it set overnight. Cleanup the place in the morning.
    4. Cleans cutting boards – Use Hydrogen peroxide to clean your cutting boards as it helps to remove any bacteria that might be resting on it for long.

    Photo Credits: pinimg