6 Easy and effective ways to conserve water at home


    Water is a limited resource and it is essential that the current generation takes steps to save and conserve so that the next generation has no scarcity. There are just a few simple steps and ways by which you can conserve water at home.

    water conservation

    1. Take a short shower – Do not indulge in long and relaxing shower unless you really need it. Minimizing shower time helps to save water.
    2. Run your washing machine full load – Make sure that you fully load your washing machine before you run it as it can save water or you might end up using more water to wash a second set of clothes.
    3. Use grey water for plants – Use water that is reclaimed from the shower for the plants. You can even make a system in your house to reuse the shower water.
    4. Repair leaks – Do not just ignore leaks as it can waste gallons of water. Make sure you repair them immediately when they are found.
    5. Use a bucket to wash car – While washing your car, use a bucket and get a clean one to rinse off. This will use much less water than the hose.
    6. Run your dishwasher full load – Do not run a half full machine and make sure that it is fully loaded as it can help to save water.

    Photo Credits: dingo