5 Things women with good skin always follow


Having a good skin is not rocket science. There are very few and easy things to do on a daily basis which help to maintain a good skin. Here are a few things that people with a good skin always do.

1. Apply sun-screen everyday – Exposure to sun can be harmful and can damage the skin even in case of a few minutes of exposure. Use at least SPF 30 lotion to the skin with your everyday make up. Using sunscreen everyday is also a great tip for effective anti-ageing.
2. Don’t pop pimples – When pimples erupt, just ignore them and do not try to pop or pick as they can lead to a worse condition. It might also take longer to heal. If you squeeze them, you are left with a red and flaky mess on the face.
3. Meditate – Our everyday life has become stressful and it is essential to distress yourself. Take some time off, let it be just 5 to ten minutes and concentrate on your breathing.
4. Use the right products – You need to know what your skin loves and use products according to your skin type. Special care has to be taken in case of a sensitive skin.
5. Remove Make up – At the end of the day make sure that you remove the make up as night is a time the skin rejuvenates and needs to breathe.

Photo Credits: oskincarespa