3 Easy exercises to increase bone density in women


Women are often prone to osteoporosis once they cross the age of 30. So it is essential that they take care of their nutrition and also have ample exercise to build bone health. Here are a few exercises to help strengthen the bone muscles.

1. Jumping – Jumping is a good exercise to strengthen your bones. This can include hopping, skipping and bouncing movements. This helps to increase the bone density by creating a significant force on the muscle, joints and bones.
2. Exercises for moderate impact – There are certain exercises like stair climbing, hiking, running and yoga which come under moderate impact exercises. Exercises with moderate impact does not give the same impact with the full force exercises, but gently allows the body to build muscle power and increases bone density.
3. Lift weights – Regular weight lifting exercises like lunges, squats and other full body training exercises, helps to build stronger bones. However, this has to be done under expert supervision. You need to lift weights according to your body weight and capacity.

When you strengthen your muscles, you also strengthen your bones. This also help to make any physical activity easier to do. This also helps to avoid unwanted fat gain and allows athletic performance.

Photo Credits:Β demandstudios