5 Things never to spend money on


There are many things in life for which you do not have to spend cash. Make use of that cash for some other useful purpose. In this way you can save plenty of bucks and be happy and immune of crisis by the end of the month. Here are a few things you need not spend money on.

1. Computer software and services online – You need not spend on things like computer software and cash for getting to the next level of a game. There are so many programs on the World Wide Web which are available for free. Free software also includes free anti-virus, free photo editors and even free DVD rippers.
2. Magazine subscriptions – Instead of paying for magazine subscriptions, there are many options where you can get free magazine subscriptions.
3. Toiletries for travel – Instead of buying toiletries, collect all the free samples that you get from the hotel room stays and many other places. You can also order to have free samples on various websites.
4. Ebooks and books – People who read paper books and Ebooks do not have to buy subscriptions or books. There are many online stores that offer free Ebooks and even the local library can be a great source to get a free book to read.

Photo Credits: offthegridnews