4 Items that shouldn’t be in grownup bedrooms


    A few things that need to be banished from grownup bedrooms.

    UpdatedTrends.com: When you are in your 30s, many feel like filling up their bedroom with some interesting or fun stuff including funky décor and furniture. But not many realize that there are certain things that you should include in your bedroom after a particular age. Here are a few things that you should probably consider removing or shifting out from your bedroom.

    adult bedrooms

    1. Fun quotes – You do not have to mention a quote or a phrase that says ‘Student lives here’ or ‘Enter at your own risk’. After certain age they could possibly look cheap and immature for a person who is too grown up.

    2. Multicolor lights – Multicolor lights look good during festival time outside your house. Some tend to have them inside the bedroom to make it look stylish and colorful. Lights are good for the bedroom when you are young and not when you become older, its a matter of opinion, but it could be good to keep them outside your sleep space.

    3. Stuffed animals – You might have a lucky toy or a stuffed animal that you are habituated to sleep with. But they look good only till you are young and not after you get older. It might give an impression that you are still an immature person and that’s something you don’t want to look like, right? Maybe put in a showcase in a separate room perhaps

    4. Movie Posters – It is cool to have movie posters plastered in your room when you are in your teenage years, but these do not look good once you are way past your thirties. Moreover, the unframed movie posters with curls on the edges could come across as cheap and messy. If you are a movie producer or movie buff you could consider having a separate corner in your room instead of taking up all the walls. Or perhaps frame it elegantly and place them artistically in your hallway or corridors? That makes a better impression than keeping it in your bedroom.

    Photo Credits: homeschooladvocate and MeowMeBlog