4 Simple mood boosting techniques


There are many times in life you might feel low and need to have some mood booster. Some try to isolate themselves so that they don’t get crazy or express their madness in front of someone else. Here are a few easy techniques by which you can improve your mood.

1. Have some blue – Blue is a color that makes you feel calmer and happier. You can paint one of the walls in the house blue or wear something blue or buy a blue purse that you were longing for a long time.

2. Get some fresh air – Going out in fresh air has many factors like getting some vitamin D through sunlight, or even spending some time outside helps you to be happier. You do not have to spend hours outside, just 20 minutes outside the house is enough to change your mood.

3. Get a change – Try something new like have a new hair cut or go for a new technique of spa. A new haircut can boost your confidence and make you feel good. A spa can help your body to relax and take you away from stress.

4. Do not over indulge in work – It is not always essential to be faithful or reach your targets at work. Once in a while you can allow yourself to be yourself.

Photo Credits: lifesarollercoaster