5 Common mistakes made during job interviews


Many job interview applicants do not even realize that they are committing a mistake while they are in an interview. Many of them do not even realize such mistakes. It is always better to be prepared before an interview and avoid committing such mistakes.

1. Late for interview – It is unprofessional to arrive late for an interview as the first impression is always the last. Your late arrival at the interview suggests poor management of time and also shows lack of respect for the company. Make some extra efforts try to be on time.

2. Inappropriate outfits – While in an office it is important to look professional and impressive. Make sure that you are presentable in formal clothes and not casual clothing.

3. Do not enter with a drink – Do not enter for an interview with a soda or a coffee. If you need some, then do it before you get to the interview.

4. Do not use your phone during interview – Keep your cell phones on silent mode while you are in an interview. Engaging in your phone during an interview is rude and disruptive.

5. Not knowing anything about the company – Make sure that you do some homework about the company as it is one of the common questions asked by the interviewers.

Photo Credits: philly