3 Easy ways to be likeable


It is never easy to be likeable but the fact is that likeability is a thing that can be controlled. At the same time it is to be clarified that it is not essential to be fake or to pretend something that you are not. It is to present yourself in the best possible way. Here are a few simple ways you can be more likeable.

1. Do not fake a smile – When you smile, do not look as if you are forcing a smile. Let it be genuine. Giving someone an insincere smile makes them feel that you are avoiding them. So the best way to smile is by showing a genuine interest.
2. Listen patiently – When you are listening to others, listen carefully and patiently without any interruption. When someone is talking do not try to interrupt them or give your opinion in between. This makes them feel that you are being judgemental. Listening patiently can make them feel that you are actually interested and genuinely feel the same that they are trying to explain.
3. Do not fail at your commitments – When you promise something, keep it. Do not fail at your commitments or the person stops trusting you. When friends say that they will call you back, but never do when you actually need them, it hurts. So it is better to be in your limits before committing anything that you cannot.

Photo Credits: popsugar