Ways to keep dark jeans from bleeding


Dark denims are something that is a wardrobe essential  and a great outfit for the office or a date night. Many of us complain that the dark denims start bleeding when they are washed. But there are also a few ways by which you can wash your dark denims and it will not even bleed. Here are a few easy methods.

  1. Wash them when you buy – When you buy dark jeans, do no wear them immediately or hang them in the wardrobe. Many of them also have tags which mention that the indigo dye used can bleed. The tag also has the proper washing instructions.
  2. Wash inside out – Wash the ark jeans inside out with cold water. Do not use hot water as it might shrink your jeans. Try washing them yourself and do not mix them with other clothes.
  3. Add white vinegar – While washing, add a cup of white vinegar in the cold water. Vinegar helps to seal the dye and the fabric so that  they stop bleeding. Handwash is highly advisable as it will be gentle on the jeans.
  4. Do not wash often – Try not washing them very often. If it is essential, then you can try dry washing which can return its luster and shine.

Photo Credits: favfashion