4 Skin care tips for women over 50


Women over 50 years of age, cannot apply the same make-up rules that are used when they were in their 20s or 30s. Post 50 it is important to minimise the visibility of the fine lines on the face. Here are a few tips to be followed by women over 50 for skin care.

skin care 50

1. Moisturize as much as possible – In old age, it is important to keep the skin hydrated. Moisturising the skin helps to glide on any of the products better, whether it is a sunscreen, foundation or a concealer.

2. Remove make up before bed – The skin in the night undergoes rejuvenation so it is important to remove make-up before going to bed so it can breathe. In case of a dry skin, use a creamy moisturizer to remove make up.

3. Stay away from sun – As far as possible stay away from sun exposure and even if you have to, wear a good quality sunscreen lotion and wear light color or white clothes that cover most of the parts of the body.

4. Know your skin type – If you do not recognise your skin, then you might be able to meet its needs. It is important to know if you have oily skin, dry skin r a sensitive skin so that you can select products accordingly.

Photo Credits: tqn