4 Ideas to dress during early days of pregnancy


Early pregnancy is a time when you body has just begun to face changes. This is a time when it can become uncomfortable or awkward to dress up. Rest assured that you need not to compromise your style as you always have options to look flattering yet comfortable. Here are a few tips to dress up during those early days of pregnancy.

dress up pregnancy

1. Stretch denim with long sweaters – This is the most uncomfortable days of the pregnancy as mood swings become a regular phenomenon. Opt for a denim which has stretchable as it can make you feel comfortable. Pair it up with a long loose fitting sweater and look chic with a growing baby bump.

2. Dress up with multiple layers – When the weather is cool, you can always opt for clothes with multiple layers. Layer a jacket over a blouse with a stretch jeans to get that casual and cool look. You can also accessorize your look with a long necklace with flats or heels whatever is suitable for the occasion.

3. Wear texture – Tops with texture always work especially when it comes to hide a growing bump. Texture means , you can have various options like mesh layers, scalloped edges and fringe edging.

4. Slim outfits – select outfits which have a slim cut . Such outfits can prove to be comfortable even when you have a growing bump. A better option can be opting for a dress with some layers on the edge. A combination of silk with cotton edges can be a great option.

Photo Credits:Β momjunction