3 Easy ways to add color to interiors


    Smart interiors can make your home look absolutely perfect and timeless. But if they are mishandled or abused then there are possibilities that you might end up in a mess especially when you have cramped spaces and do not have enough scope to make changes. Here are a few tips to add colour in your interiors.


    1. Make use of the doors – You can make your door stand out and paint it bold or can also block it. Instead of paint, you can also make use of colorful tape which is quick easy and cost friendly. It not just adds color but also makes your doors look attractive and cool. Some bright colors in the kid’s bedroom can be a great idea. Just make sure that you do not over experiment with colors and use subtle and mild colors or you might end up your room looking cramped up.

    2. Interesting wallpapers on the wall – A textured wall or a wallpaper can help change the entire look of the room. The best part is that the market also has the option of removable wallpaper  which is just amazing as you will always have the option to remove it any time.

    3. Interesting and attractive bookshelves – Bookshelves are always boring but you can make it look interesting by giving the background some interesting textured color. Colorful book shelves can add dimensions and can make the space look vibrant and colorful.

    Photo Credits: vangviet