4 Things not to do on the day of test


Now that you are all set to give your final test at the examination centre, there are certain things you must not do on the day of your test. Here are a few things you must avoid doing on the day.

test day

1. Wake up late – Try waking up and reading the examination centre at least 30 to 45 minutes before the scheduled time. If you take it easy, you can face parking issues or might fall short of time to use the restroom or other petty yet important things.

2. Wear clothes you are not comfortable in – You do not know what kind of atmosphere you might get inside the examination hall. You might even get drenched in the rain, so make sure that you are properly and comfortably dressed.

3. Saying no to breakfast – This is a big mistake most of you do on the day of test due to nervousness. But it is essential to have breakfast so that your sugar levels do not drop and make things worse.

4. Exercise – You can have a good and relaxed exercise session on other days when you do not have a test. Do not take your bi-cycle or skates to the examination centre or you will get too exhausted to have enough energy to write a test.

Photo Credits: British Council