5 Things not to buy from flea market or used


    Many people prefer to do their purchases from the flea market or from the used items market. Items at such places can be a good deal but there are certain things that you must always buy brand new. Here are a few items you must avoid buying second hand.

    used items

    1. Helmets – A helmet is used to protect your head while driving. A used one can be used banged and might not provide ample protection. It is better to buy a new helmet to be safe on the roads.

    2. Bed mattresses – Used mattresses contain the previous owner’s shed skin, dust mites feces and bed bugs. Moreover, mattresses do not last for long even those manufactured by some of the high end mattress manufacturers. So it is better to buy a new one.

    3. Packaged food – Do not buy the canned packaged food available from the flea market available for half the price. They might have been exposed to heat, expired or left in the car trunk.

    4. Electronics – It is risky to buy used home electronic products as they can be risky. The seller might be selling it off due to a major defect in it. You might end up paying a higher price to repair the issue.

    5. Tablets, laptops and smartphones – Portable computers, laptops and smartphones are expensive in nature but you might not be having a good deal buying them used. You might end up paying double its price in order to repair the defect.

    Photo Credits: souqalmal