3 Wedding rules which can be broken


Wedding is a ceremony which has certain rules and traditions followed since generations. In modern day weddings, things have stirred up a bit and the traditional ways are slowly taking a back seat. Here are a few wedding rules which can be broken.

wedding rules

1. Wearing traditional long white gowns – An outfit has to be that makes you feel good in terms of beauty and comfort. Every person has imagined themselves of how they want to look on their wedding day and since the day is supposed to come once in a lifetime, the bride and groom must be given the liberty to wear wedding outfits which can be short and modern.

2. Immediate honeymoon – Most of the modern couples have busy lives and it is not essential the couple must leave for their honeymoon immediately. The couple can have a relaxed and extended getaway according to their convenience without any guilt of leaving work pending.

3. The bride’s parents pay for the wedding – This has become an old tradition when the girl’s parents used to pay for the entire wedding, but today most of the families are financially independent and prefer the share the expense instead of putting the burden on one.

Photo Credits: huffpost