3 healthy snacks for busy people

3 healthy snacks for busy people

Always on the go, but perpetually hungry? You need to keep your pantry stocked with these 3 healthy snacks for busy people.

You are a busy professional, juggling meetings, calls, deadlines and work appointments, but suddenly when you are heading out for a meeting, you start feeling very hungry. It is not good for your body to be deprived of food more so when you feel the pangs and in such a situation it is always better to have a backup, rather than attend your prior commitment with a rumbling tummy. Here are 3 healthy snacks for busy people that should be stored in those bags you carry along.

1. Candy bars – Always keep your bag stocked with a candy or a cereal bar. A medium-sized candy bar can be a good snack at times when you are hungry and need to satisfy your stomach – at least temporarily.

2. Unsalted nuts – Make sure you don’t carry any salted variety of peanuts, almonds or other nuts. Why? Nuts are stuffed with plenty of unsaturated fat and can be a healthy option to snack. Salt might increase your pressure and not assist you much.

Unsalted and unflavored nuts are not only low in carbohydrates, but are also filled with loads of fibre, potassium and proteins. Just make sure that you do not overeat nuts are they can be high in calories.

3. A fruit – A fruit like an apple or banana is not only easy to carry, but can be a great go-to food when you feel hungry and you do not have an option. Fruits have natural sugars and can be a great energy source for the body. Apart from energy, they also provide the body with vital nutrients and minerals. Fruits can also be paired with nuts and even low fat cheese to give you some more energy when hunger strikes, so stock up.

If you prefer something with a liquid consistency, unsweetened yogurt, greek yogurt with fruit and even cold-press juices are healthier options in comparison to sugar-loaded coffee drinks. The point is to stay healthy by making the right choices.