Top 5 unusual uses of Orange peels


Think before tossing those orange peels in the trash, learn about the unusual uses of orange peels.

Native to the tropical and subtropical lands of the world, this citrus vibrant fruit has many tricks rolled up its peels! Orange peel doesn’t only indicate cellulite-afflicted skin! Actual orange peels have scores of uses, culinary, home decor, beauty and much more. Learn about the top five most unusual uses of orange peels.

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1. Use it in place of a sponge – If your kitchen attracts less culinary masterstrokes and more stains, then you can use orange peels instead of a sponge. Orange peels contain natural oils that can help de-grease stained surfaces like kitchen stoves. 

2. Mosquito repellant – Orange peels are filled with copious amounts of citrus juices which aren’t insect friendly, rub orange peels over your skin and see mosquitoes fly away. 

3. Start a fire – Yes, you can start a fire with orange peels, dried orange peels to be specific. Dried orange peels are conducive to kindle small fires at camps, use it to roast marshmallows or just stay warm!

4. Natural air freshener – Are you prone to bursting into a hundred sneezes with one spray of a air freshener, then try making natural scents out of orange peels. Boil a handful of orange peels in a pot of water and let the fumes spread through the air.

5. Use it as a preservative for brown sugar – Sugar has a tendency to get spoilt when stored in moist conditions, placing orange peels in a jar of brown sugar will help soak away the excess moisture and prevent the sugar from turning into one chunk.

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