5 Ways to childproof your home


    Childproof you home to avoid unforeseen accidents.

    When you have a small child at home, it is essential to take at least some basic measures in order to assure the safety of your children. Here are a few easy measures that can be taken to childproof your home.


    1. Smoke alarms in bedrooms – Check the smoke alarms in your house and make sure that they work. A baby’s bed must be a safe place, so remove all possible risks of suffocation, which include toys, comforters and pillows.

    2. Hiding medications and bathroom precautions – All medications, including the over-the-counter ones, must be kept out of the children’s reach. Do not set the water heater higher than 120 degrees and do not leave your child unattended in the bath tub. Place the buckets upside down to avoid any water accumulation.

    3. Windows – Do not place any furniture under the windows as it can become a climbing place for the toddlers. Make sure that the windows are out of the reach of your children.

    4. Safety on the stairs – Place safety gates on the top and bottom of every flight of the staircase to give grappling support, as well as shielding your child from falling sideways off the stairs.

    5. Kitchen rules – While working in your kitchen, make sure that you keep the handles turned towards the back of the stove and do not to leave the room when the stove is turned on.

    Photo Credits: gratefireplace