4 Preventive measures to avoid dengue fever


Dengue prevention starts at home. Read on to learn ways to avoid dengue fever.

Dengue is a disease caused by the dengue virus ,which is usually carried by mosquitoes. Considering that dengue vaccine is still under clinical trials, it will be at least another year till people can get access to it. Here is how you can avoid dengue fever and secure your family if you live in a dengue-inflicted area.


1. Stay fully covered – When you are living in a mosquito-infested area, it is always advisable to wear wear full-sleeved clothes, long pants, socks and shoes, to stay fully protected from mosquito bites.

2. Install mesh on windows and doors – Keeping your doors and windows uncovered and unobstructed is an open invitation to mosquitoes. Make sure that you cover your windows and doors with mesh work so that the house stays ventilated and also keeps mosquitoes away.

3. Mosquito repellent – When at home make sure that you keep mosquito repellents at hand and working all day in every room. Mosquitoes hide underneath furniture or near damp places, so keeping the repellents can drive them away.

4. Get rid of damp spots – Stagnated water and dampness usually attracts and fecilitates a habitat for mosquitoes. Make sure that you get rid of any stagnated water in and around the house, so that they don’t breed and multiply.

Photo Credits: greenbrideguide