5 Ways to remove blemishes naturally


Do you pine for a clear, unmarked skin? Try some remedies that can help remove blemishes naturally.

Blemishes are ugly marks, pigmentation or dark spots, which are left by acne or dryness of skin. These are mostly caused due to pores which are oil clogged or stress. Here are a few ways to remove blemishes naturally and stay beautiful this winter.

1. Apply calamine lotion – Calamine lotion is cooling, mild and can be applied on the face to absorb excess oil. Substitute your face cream with the lotion to get an even skin tone.

2. Homemade face pack – Make a natural face pack with a little honey, lemon juice and some turmeric powder. Apply this mixture to your face and watch your blemishes vanish gradually.

3. Apply orange peel – Make a paste of orange peel with water and apply this on your blemishes. You will begin to see the marks on your akin lighten and eventually disappear over time.

4. Milk and papaya face pack – Take a raw papaya, mash it with some milk to make a paste. Massage this mixture on the face twice or thrice a week and get rid of your blemishes in a few weeks.

5. Apply Tomato juice – Apply some tomato juice directly on the pigmentations. This not just removes any marks, but also lightens your skin, removing skin tan.

Photo Credits: hubimg