4 Natural ways to get rid of alcohol addiction


Dealing with alcohol addiction? There are some home remedies that can help with it.

If you feel at a point that you are not able to handle your drinks or feel the need to get rid of the problem, there is always a solution. First it is essential to prepare and be determined, after which you can adopt a few natural ways to get rid of alcohol addiction.

alcohol addiction

1. Meal of Grapes – Grape is a good citrus fruit and contains the purest form of alcohol. A person who is trying to get rid of the addiction can have a meal of grapes every four to fives hours in a day. Practice this for a month and see the difference.

2. Eat Apples – Apple is a spactacular fruit and plays a vital role in controlling alcohol craving. Eat apples at regular intervals as they also help detox your body.

3. Drink Bittergourd leaf juice – Leaves of bitter gourd have power-packed detoxifying agents. In order to reduce its bitterness, you can mix three spoons of bitter gourd leaf juice in a glass of buttermilk and drink this everyday.

4. Begin nutrition supplements – Alcohol reduces the appetite due to which the body loses the ability to absorb nutrients. So you need to start taking a few supplements to get ample Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex and other nutrients.

Photo Credits: idiva