4 Remedies that deal with water retention


If you are feeling bloated and feel a sudden gain in weight, you might have water retention.

Water retention is a problem when water leaks from body tissue into the blood and gets retained in the system instead of being expelled or processed. Some symptoms include bloated tummy, swelling in different parts of the body, fluctuation in weight and stiff joints. Here are a few remedies which can help you reduce water retention.

1. Reduce intake of salt – Salt is considered as one of the major reasons of water retention. Cook food with less salt than you do on a regular basis. Remove the salt sprinkler from your dining table, so you don’t have access to salt during meals.

2. Start exercising – Begin a regular exercise schedule which will help keep your body in balance. Regular exercise can help you comfortably shed that water weight. This does not mean that you need to spend on expensive gyms. You can begin exercising even at home with some tips from the internet.

3. Cleansing diet – Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your regular diet, which will help you remove all toxins from the body. A good diet rich in fibre can help reduce water retention from the body.

4. Drink plenty of water – If your body is retain water, your condition will not change if you stop taking fluids. Drinking more water can help you reduce excess weight. Only plain H2O can help you flush out excess sodium from the body. At the same time, try and cut out on sodas and alcohol.

Photo Credits: idiva