Top 3 ways to make fake edible blood at home this Halloween


Turn the vampire mode on this Halloween, make some fake edible blood at home.

On the eve of Halloween it is advisable to have all your decoration and costume plans in place and ready for execution. The market is flooded with tonnes of decoration items which you can no doubt buy off the rack, however, have you given homemade recipes a thought?

Halloween fake edible blood

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Just like a lot of restaurant standard gastronomic delights can be recreated at home, Halloween decorations can also be stirred up with ingredients available at home.

Here are the top 3 recipes for fake edible homemade blood that will scare the daylights out of someone.

1. Cherry flavored fake blood – Fake blood that tastes like cherry sauce…why not!? Mix a whole can of mashed cherries with soft cream cheese, mix this with water to get the consistency right and voilà! Your cherry flavored fake blood is ready for use.

You can follow the same process for strawberry flavored fake edible blood.

2. Chocolate flavored fake blood – Who said blood can’t be tasty! Mix corn syrup and red food color into one bowl, once the mixture is red enough, add some chocolate sauce or coco powder to the mixture and add corn starch to achieve the thick consistency. You will have gooey chocolaty fake blood ready to serve.

3. Plain non-flavored edible fake blood – Mix white corn syrup, corn starch, red and blue food color and water, this mixture will result in a bland, but edible fake blood liquid.

So there we go, edible homemade Halloween decorations couldn’t get easier and plus, you don’t have have to be a vampire this Halloween to drink blood!