7 Risks of obesity during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time which is very delicate and you have to look after yourself and also the foetus which is growing inside you. It is also a time when pregnancy can lead to obesity. Here are a few risks of obesity during pregnancy.

obesity in pregnancy




1. High blood pressure problems – Women who become obese are at a high risk of blood pressure problems which can result in premature child birth or miscarriage.

2. Risk of gestational diabetes – Obese women who are pregnant can develop diabetes during pregnancy compared to women who have a normal weight.

3. Risk of infection – Pregnant women who become obese are at a high risk of developing urinary tract infections. Obese pregnant women are also prone to postpartum infection no matter if the baby is delivered by C section or vaginally.

4. Can suffer from sleep disorders – Obese women during pregnancy can suffer from sleep disorder during which breathing can stop for a small time. This condition is also known as obstructive sleep apnea.

5. Risk of overdue pregnancy – Obesity in pregnant women can lead to overdue pregnancy which can continue beyond the expected due date.

6. Risk of miscarriage – Obesity in pregnancy can also lead to miscarriage or still birth.

7. Risk of blood clots – Women who become obese during pregnancy are at a high risk of developing blood clots inside the blood vessels.

Photo Credits: blisstree