5 Benefits of using sunscreen lotion on a daily basis


Don’t let you’re skin get harmed, learn about these benefits of using sunscreen lotion everyday.

Sunlight is beneficial for the skin in moderate amounts, too much sunlight, especially harsh UV (ultra violet) rays can damage the skin and do more harm than good. Hence, using a sunscreen lotion is advisable for people who are more likely to be outdoors.

Here are a few benefits of using sunscreen lotions on a daily basis.

sunscreen lotion

1. You will notice change in skin – Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis definitely makes a difference to the skin. You will notice a visible glow and a better skin quality after daily application of sunscreen. A lot of sunscreens also come with moisturizing elements, hence, the added advantage of skin treating dry as well as tanned skin.Β 

2. Makes you look younger – Sunscreen forms a protective layer on the face and body due to which the skin remains unexposed to dust and air pollution, making your skin look younger and clearer.Β 

3. Protects from skin cancer – When you are exposed to the sun for too many hours in a day, ultraviolet rays can damage the skin and can also cause skin cancer. Sunscreen lotions can protect your skin from such damage and keep you skin healthy.Β 

4. Protects from tanning – Tanning of the skin can look ugly and it takes a long time for the skin to restore its original color and look. Applying sunscreen protects the skin from tanning. It is advisable to apply sunscreen even if you are exposed to the sun for just a few minutes.Β 

5. Better protection than a full sleeve dress – Wearing full sleeve dresses does not provide full protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, instead apply sunscreen as it provides a full proof layer of protection.

Photo Credits:Β stylecraze