4 Tips for healthy hair this winter


    Winter is a time when dryness is in the air and is the worst time for hair health. This is the time hair becomes more prone to damage as it becomes brittle due to dryness. Here are a few tips you can follow to have a health hair this winter season.

    1. Minimise hair washes – Twice or thrice a week hairwash is just sufficient for the hair health. Minimising the number of washes helps to keep away the dryness. Make sure that you dry your hair before you leave the house as it can further damage the hair.

    2. Have regular trims – Winter is a time hair becomes vulnerable to breakage and splits. If you have a good hair growth, have regular trims so that it looks good and also avoids dust to accumulate in the splits.

    3. Hair Spa – Once in a month or two you must treat your hair with a luxurious hair spa. Hair spa treatments are common and restores the moisture in the dry hair. Regular hair spa also promotes hair growth and is good for the hair in any season.

    4. Keep your hair covered when outdoors – Make sure that your hair is covered with a scarf, which can protect your hair from dust and other weather effects.