4 Benefits of wearing makeup everyday


Doll up and stay pretty! There are existing benefits of wearing makeup everyday.

Makeup is often demonized by many health gurus and skin specialists, spiritual tips about searching for inner beauty as opposed to outer are always doing the rounds. However, have you ever thought about the actual benefits of make up?

Benefits of wearing makeup everyday

1. Protects skin – When you apply a good quality makeup on your face, it automatically protects the skin from pollution, dust and other harmful elements in the environment. The foundation coat blocks the pores of the skin, due to which it is protected against dust and pollution.

2. Improves confidence in women – Makeup has an effect on a mental level in women, outer appearance may not be the be all and end all of life, but it is of great significance. Hence, applying makeup might actually be helpful for women to uplift their confidence levels.

3. Lifts mood – Every woman is familiar with that cheery feeling after applying that perfect coat of lipstick or eyeliner!Β A study conducted in the London College of Fashion for students found that 85 percent of women believed that women wearing makeup were cheerful even on a bad day.

4. Improves posture – Applying makeup requires a certain amount of steadiness and correct posture. A study at L’Oreal revealed that older women who wore make-up stood straighter and were at a decreased risk of falling down when compared to women who didn’t wear makeup.

Photo Credits: BP