5 unusual uses for lemons that will make you wonder


Get amazed with these unusual uses for lemons.

When life throws lemons at you make lemonade!! Not this time, with these jaw dropping uses for lemons, you aren’t want to going to waste those lemons on lemonade.

This citrusy fruit is mostly native to Asia, but can be found worldwide. Lemons are mostly restricted to their use in the kitchen, however, they are packed with truckloads of other benefits and uses that will make you doubt your prior knowledge.

unusual uses for lemons

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Here are 5 unusual uses for lemons.

1. Make blonde highlights – Yes, you read it right! You can go blonde with lemons and you don’t even need an expensive visit to the salon. Create a mixture of 1/4 cup of lemon juice with 3/4 cup of water and rinse your hair with it. After the rinse, expose your hair to sunlight until hair is dry, repeat the process for several days until highlights are visible. 

2. Get bad odor out of the fridge – Has you fridge been smelling nasty? All you need to do is dab lemon juice on cotton balls and place them inside the fridge, keep it shut for several hours after for best results. Caution – First remove the item that has been causing the bad smell.

3. Turn soggy lettuce into crispy – If you’re planning on trashing away all that old soggy lettuce, you might want to wait a minute. Soaking soggy lettuce in cold water mixed with lemon juice will help. Refrigerate the bowl of soaked lettuce for about an hour. 

4. Helps fragrant cupboards – Conventional moth balls can be replaced with ripe lemons and cloves. Stud the lemons with cloves and place them in your cupboard. The scent of the cloves combined with zesty lemon will make your cupboard smell like a million bucks!

5. Clean delicates – Bleaches can be harsh for delicate materials like laces, lemon juice is a mild, but an effective cleaning agent. Before washing, soak delicate fabric garments in lemon juice and baking soda for effective stain removal and cleaning.