Tips to clean textured walls


Your walls need cleaning too, follow these tips to clean textured walls.

There are various kinds of textured walls which require different cleaning techniques. Textured walls are usually not plain so are difficult to clean. Such walls catch dust easily, due to which they have to be cleaned on a regular basis. Here are a few tips to clean textured walls.

to clean textured walls


1. Vacuuming – Use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to clean off dust on the wall. The brush attachment helps to remove the dust and other particles from the surface or in the textured areas.

2. Apply cleaning solution – Special chemical solutions are available in the market to clean textured walls. Put on an old sock or a nylon stocking over your hand and clean the dirty areas on the wall. Before cleaning the entire wall, do a patch check on a corner to make sure that the solution does not stain the wall.

3. Wash gently – Use water to wash off the remaining dirt on the wall with the help of upward strokes. Be gentle on the walls in order to avoid breaking or chipping of the pieces of texture while cleaning.

4. Use a mild detergent – You can use a mild detergent with a cloth to clean textured walls, however, take care not to scrub vigorously or else there is a potential risk that you might damage the textured patterns on the wall.

Photo Credits:homydecor