Top 3 health benefits of vanilla extract oil


Vanilla extract oil can work wonders for your health.

Vanilla isn’t only meant to dot the bakery section at the supermarket, extracts of vanilla beans are filled with numerous health benefits. Vanilla beans travel a long way from the fields of Mexico and its neighboring countries, so you shouldn’t only be enchanted by its fragrance, but also its medicinal properties.

vanilla extract oil

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Here are the top 3 health benefits of vanilla extract oil.

1. Acts as a febrifuge – To simplify the scientific jargon, febrifuge is basically a medicine that reduces fever by fighting infections. Vanilla extract oil has elements like Eugenol and Vanilla Hydroxybenzaldehyde which aid in fighting infections. It also possess sedative properties which helps reducing inflammation caused by fevers.

2. Mood elevator – Feeling bogged down or depressed? Vannila extract oil can help you with that, the Hydroxybenzaldehyde component is at play here. The aroma that is let out by natural vanilla (not artificial or synthesized) is a total mood elevator, the sweet vanilla scent acts as a soothing agent and is hence used in many body products a core ingredient.

3. Contains Antioxidant properties – To  break up the scientific mystery: Inside our body there are oxidizers that act upon living healthy cells and tissues by oxidizing them. This is basically the cause of numerous health issues as this oxidization process burns down good cells and tissues or even worse, alters their DNA structure turning them into cancerous cells.