3 health benefits of Vodka


If Vodka is your preferred poison, then you might want to know to some of its health benefits.

Whether you like it neat or on the rocks, for all the vodka lovers in the world, there is some good news. This tipple which owes its birth to mother Russia, is not only a much sort after poison, but also has some surprising health benefits.

health benefits of vodka

What exactly is vodka?

Vodka gets its name from the slavic term ‘voda’ (water), now we know why the crystal clear water-like feel!

It is usually made by the process of distillation, plants like rye, wheat or corn which are rich in starch matter are used for production.   

Here are the top 3 health benefits of Vodka that will startle you.

1. Helps in having a healthy heart – Yes, Vodka will keep your heart in good shape because it possess a dilating property which stimulates a greater free flow of blood through the arteries. Blocked arteries are the main culprit for cardiac arrests and other heart related diseases.

2. Aids skin and hair health – Yes, Vodka possess cosmetic properties! Vodka helps cleanse the skin’s pores and also tighten skin, this is because of the astringent properties in vodka. Vodka also helps good and healthy hair growth and also cleanses the scalp of dandruff. 

3. Vodka is an anesthetic – Good old Russian folklore is replete with examples of vodka being used as an anesthetic. A vodka icepack – a bag full of frozen vodka – acts as a good pain relevant. You can even swirl a little vodka in your mouth for toothaches, gums absorb the vodka and relieve pain. 

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