Top 5 health benefits of red cabbage


It is not only meant to dot your salad – find out the health benefits of red cabbage.

Apart from its exotic hue, the humble Red Cabbage is a nutritious and delicious vegetable which has several health benefits. The vegetable is known for reducing the chances of cancer and is also known to improve eye and skin health. 

health benefits of red cabbage

Here are the top 5 specific health benefits of red cabbage.

1. Helps in weight loss – Red cabbage is low on calories, but is rich in dietary fibre and has a gamut of vitamins and minerals. It leaves you feeling full and takes care of all your nutritional needs, without encouraging any binge eating of empty calories.

2. Cancer Prevention – Not many are aware that red cabbage has innate cancer prevention properties. It has high levels of anti-oxidants, which is one of the very important components to prevent cancer.

3. Good for eyes – Red cabbage has high levels of vitamin A, which not only aids healthy eyes, but also helps with great skin. It has components which prevent macular degeneration and formation of cataract.

4. Anti-Aging – There are various aspects in red cabbage which help reversing the aging process. Anti-oxidants help in deterring the movement and formation of free moving radicals, thus slowing down aging.

5. Increases bone density – Red cabbage has high concentrations of minerals which helps in bone development. It is rich in calcium, magnesium and manganese, all of which are crucial elements for maintaining bone health.

Photo Credits: Dingo