4 easy ways to get rid of oily hair


Oily sticky hair giving you a bad hair day? Find out easy ways to get rid of oily hair.

Oily hair is a problem that is faced by numerous people. There are many factors which can be responsible for such a condition. However, there are many ways by which oily hair issues can be solved. Here are a few tips which can be followed to solve oily hair issues.

get rid of oily hair

1. Apply beer – Not many are aware that beer can work as a good solution to remove oiliness from hair. If the alcohol content is high, then mix it with some water and apply to the hair, this will effectively remove the oiliness from the scalp.

2. Apply mouthwash – This might sound a bit bizarre, but not many people are aware of the benefits of this odd remedy. Mouthwash has astringent properties which can help to remove oiliness from the scalp.

3. Apply vinegar – Application of apple cider vinegar provides plenty of health and beauty benefits and also works as a good hair conditioner. Mix roughly 16 ounces of water with ΒΌ cup of apple cider vinegar and apply to the hair after washing with shampoo. Apply to the scalp, not hair.

4. Eat healthy – Apart from application on head, also make sure that you are providing enough nutrition to the hair from within. Consume healthy fats and fresh foods. Also, opt for clean and lean proteins which have less sugar content.

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