5 ways to stay fit when in a relationship


Let cupid shoot your heart, but not your health! Find out how to stay fit when in a relationship.

Being happy in a relationship is definitely not a bad thing, but being happy and not healthy is. If your weighing scale is showing you and your partner increased numbers each week, there must be a plan of action to manage this “excess happiness”.

Here are 5 ways to stay fit when in a relationship.

1. Work out together – When in love, do everything together, including working out. Join a gym or formulate work out plans – morning jogs, skipping, cycling, in-house treadmill – jointly. This will not only help both parties to be on track, but also create a level playing field. It also works as motivational plan, if one person is feeling lazy, the other is always there to drag them onto their feet.

2. Check on each others diet – You might start your day together, but work will eventually split you apart from your beloved work out partner and then, no one knows what goes into the stomach for lunch and mid-day snacks. Instead, create a system by which you can check on your partner’s diet schedules at regular intervals during the day, beware of not turning into the clingy partner and call each minute!

3. Cook together – Are you the couple who lives on take out? Time to change your habits, take outs are fine once a week, but it isn’t a good option every day. Instead, have a fun health cooking session with your partner, toss up a salad or a light meat dish. This will not only help bonding, but will also avoid the unhealthy food that comes into the home space.

4. Create competition – Healthy competition is always good, set a weekly or monthly weight loss goal and see who can reach the target first. Friendly competition for fitness goals acts as a motivator and helps couples to not give up.

5. Stay Happy – Last but not the least, staying happy in a relationship is extremely important. Depression has often been linked to weight gain, as the brain is deprived of happy hormones like serotonin.  So if your boyfriend or girlfriend is not a source of your happiness, but instead a reason for weight gain, time for a change in environment!

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