5 Reasons you should soak in sun


Soaking in the sun has more health benefits than you think.

If you’re the kind that is always playing hide and seek with the sun, think again. Taking in Sunlight is not always going to get you tanned, in fact, its health benefits are manifold.

Here are 5 reasons why the sun is good for health.

health benefits of sunlight

1. Vitamin D production – Vitamin D production in the body is directly proportional to sunlight exposure. Vitamin D is is responsible for the absorption of calcium – which is a major component of bones – in the body.

A steady supply of calcium means healthy happy bones! However, with the lack of Vitamin D in the body, calcium cannot be absorbed. Thus, all those calcium supplements will go down the drain if your body is not adequately exposed to sunlight.

2. Mood alleviation – Believe it or now, the sun does impact our mood. If you’re reeling under Monday morning blues, go outdoors and stand in the sun. Sunlight helps in stimulating the synthesis process of our happy hormones – scientific name is Endorphins. 

3. Washes away microbes – An extreme sun tan is definitely not good, but a moderate one is. Reason being, a skin tan shields and controls against infections and skin diseases like Dermatitis.

4. Weight loss – Sunlight has a direct impact on the stimulation of several hormones. Thyroid is stimulated via sun rays and thus improves the body’s metabolism rate.

5. Improved cardiovascular system – The rays of the sun directly impact blood circulation and pressure, thus, invigorating the body for a healthy start. 

A tip to follow before getting sun soaked – morning exposure to sun for an approximate 15-20 minutes proves to be the most beneficial.

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