5 health benefits of Mint


5 reasons why you should consume mint.

Scientifically known as Mentha, mint as a herb has etched out its prime position is history’s medicinal books. Mint is most commonly used as a mouth/ breath freshener. However, these little green leaves have much more to them than meets the eye, mint leaves possess a gamut of medicinal properties that make for excellent health benefits.

health benefits of mint

Here are 5 health benefits of Mint leaves –

1. Helps in weight Loss – If your crash and fad diets aren’t really working out, mint leaves could come to your rescue. They have the ability to stimulate digestive enzymes that absorb nutrients and fats from food which are later converted into usable energy. Thus, by introducing mint into your diet, you are increasing the amount of fat that is converted into usable energy instead of just being stored in your body.

2. Aids digestion – Mint’s strong aroma has the ability to activate the salivary glands which secrete digestive enzymes, thus improving the process of digestion.

3. Helps breast-feeding women – Breast feeding is a natural after process of childbirth; many women face the problem of cracked nipple skin and pain in the nipples, many studies are now beginning to suggest that mint oil can help soothe out the pain and cracks.

4. Healthy Skin – Mint is packed with antiseptic and anti-pruritic material, instead of using mint beauty products infused with chemical elements, use it in its natural form. It helps soothe itchy skin, ward of mild skin infections and acne.

5. Respiratory congestion – Mint is very useful to relieve congestion of the nose, throat, lungs and bronchi. Add a few crushed leaves in hot water and then inhale the steam for a quick relief from cough and congestion. A few drops of menthol oil – derived from mint – can also be used for the same.

So, introduce that minty element into your diet and see the wonders of it!

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