5 unusual uses of Petroleum Jelly


Here are a few things you never thought Petroleum Jelly could help you with.

If you thought that your bottle of Vaseline is only going to be useful for those chapped lips in the winter, think again. Vaseline, formally known as petroleum jelly has abundant hidden properties that make for surprising uses. Here are 6 ways in which Vaseline/petroleum jelly can help you.

Petroleum Jelly

1. Eye makeup removal: Instead of buying expensive makeup removal creams and solutions, pick up the vaseline bottle from your shelf and put it to good use. Apply Vaseline on your skin and then gently swab away all the makeup. Cost effective and quick makeup removal!

2. Gloss your lips: If you’re always worried about that gloss never really matching up to its advertising promises, here’s how you can take matters in your own hands. Apply a tad bit of vaseline on your lips and then put on the gloss, this will help the gloss stay on your lips for longer. What you can also do is make a paste of Vaseline and standard gloss and then apply that paste onto your lips.

3. Fragrance preservation: Ever wondered why your perfume doesn’t really ooze all that whiff – even after umpteen sprays – when most needed? Well, you can now make it stay all day long with the simple application of Vaseline. Dab a little on the points where you usually apply perfume and then, spray the perfume.

4.Replace rouge: If you’re the kinds who is extra cautious about their makeup and are out of rouge, then just dab on a small quantity of Vaseline onto your cheekbones. This will not only create a contoured perception, but also give your cheekbones that glamorous shinny look.

5.Fix undone eyebrows: Didn’t have time to go to the parlor and now have unruly eyebrows? Don’t worry, Vaseline has a fix for that, take a little bit of petroleum jelly on your fingertips or dip a mascara brush into it, and then comb your eyebrows in one direction.

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