4 morning rituals you should avoid


Here are 4 morning habits that you should ditch in order to have a healthy happy day.

Each one of us has a set way of kick starting our day, but have you ever wondered whether your usual morning ways are causing you more harm than you may realize. Here are 4 morning routine practices that you should take out of your schedule.


1. Say no to coffee and tea: If you’re the one who loves their piping hot cup of tea or coffee, then you should think of bidding farewell to it. Tea and coffee are acidic in nature and this does not do well for your digestive system first thing in the morning. Also, caffeine has a tendency of a stimulant and will thus increase your heart rate, leaving you feeling doubly anxious. Instead, opt for a cup of herbal green tea, it has copious portions of anti-oxidants which will not only help you rejuvenate, but also help in losing weight.

2. Do not jump off from your bed: We all have those days when we spring up from our bed, put on our clothes and rush out of the house. However, the body’s mechanics are not meant to be suddenly jolted after a long period of rest. The body needs a slow and calm start; stretch out in bed, practise simple exercises like wiggling your toes and circling your ankles. Mild stretching gets the body’s blood flow started, leaving you ready to start your day in a healthy manner.

3. Do not skip breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – this saying does not appear in health advisory books for no rhyme or reason – ensuring a king-size breakfast must be your number one priority. Not only, does it help energize your body, but it also makes sure that you don’t crave for those extra calories during the rest of the day.

4. Keep your phone at bay: If your Blackberry is your best friend, then you need to demarcate your personal space sans it. Many of us have the habit of not only checking our phones in the middle of the night, but also first thing in the morning. While an email from your boss might be earth shattering, starting your day with a slight digital detox will do wonders. Morning is a time to refresh your mind for the whole day ahead, if you begin your day by cluttering it with work, you are bound for a tension filled day ahead. Think about it, you check your emails the moment you wake up, you think about all the work while you brush, you think about it in the shower, you worry while eating breakfast! It’s a vicious cycle, instead, just leave your phone by itself until you’ve finish your breakfast and are about to leave home.

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