4 easy steps to clean a computer keyboard


A computer keyboard is usually a place where oil, cookies, wafers and other snacks get accommodated making it sticky and untidy. It is very essential to clean the keyboard at least once in a while, otherwise it can even lead to the growth of bacteria. Here are a few simple steps by which the computer keyboard can be made germ free.


1. Unplug – Unplug the keyboard and detach the connector before starting the cleaning procedure. Do not unplug or connect the keyboard when the computer is running as it might damage the machine.

2. Turn keyboard upside down – After you have detached the keyboard, turn the keyboard upside down and shake a little to remove all the loose debris from the keyboard. Make sure that the debris falls at a place where it is easy to clean. Also, change angles and tap it a little more to get more dirt out of it.

3. Remove keys – To clean the unit more thoroughly remove all the keys. Make sure that you are gentle while removing the keys. Do it with the help of a small screwdriver or a similar lever. After removing the keys, remove all the debris with the help of compressed air.

4. Clean keys – Also clean the keys individually and place them back on the keyboard.

Photo Credits: Hacked gadgets