4 ways to prevent split ends


    4 ways by which you can stop pulling your hair over spilt ends!

    The scientific name for split ends is Trichoptilosis – a longitudinal splitting of the hair fiber.Β Split ends don’t look pretty on your hair and they often feel unpleasant.

    The most practical solution to it would be to cut your hair, but care can be taken to prevent hair from getting split ends. Here are a few ways by which you can prevent split ends.


    1. Avoid harsh chemicals on hair: Often, harsh treatments like hair straightening, perming, highlighting and coloring involves usage of heavy chemicals on the hair which damages the hair quality and leads to split ends. Even pool water which has plenty of chlorine in it can lead to split ends.

    2. Nourish your hair: Conditioning your hair with a suitable conditioner, as well as applying hair oil could help to avoid split ends. While swimming, use a swim cap and rinse your hair before you enter the pool. This helps the hair to absorb less chemicals. Also, make sure that you shampoo your hair immediately after swimming.

    3. Do not comb or brush too often: Not many realize that the ends of the hair are fragile and one must not be too harsh on them. Brushing or combing too often can lead to split ends.

    4. Protect against sun: Sun rays and harsh temperatures is another factor which contribute towards damaging the hair and eventually leads to split ends.

    Photo Credits: Stylish and trendy