3 easy ways to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer


Always worried about those fruits and vegetables in your fridge getting spoilt? Here are a few tips on how to keep them fresh for longer.

One of the most challenging tasks during the summer is to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time. Many of us do not have the time to buy fresh vegetables from the grocers and buy them all at once. So by the end of the week its not unlikely to see fruits and veggies in the garbage bin rather than the cooking pan.

Here are a few ways by which fruits and vegetables can be kept fresh for a longer time.


1. Wrap green vegetables: Typically, green vegetables must be consumed within two days of its purchase. But of you wrap them in a paper towel it absorbs most of the moisture, leaving the vegetable devoid of excessive moisture which causes decay.

2. Freeze: Freezing the vegetables and fruits is be the best way to store them. Veggies like cabbage, cucumber, celery, green beans, bananas, berries, eggplant and mushrooms can be frozen. Freezing stops the production of enzymes that speed up the ripening of fruits and vegetables.

3. Do not refrigerate tomatoes: Keeping tomatoes in the fridge rids them of flavour and also transforms its texture in long run. They can be kept in a container with paper towels away from any heat source or direct sunlight. Tomatoes can be kept in room temperature for about a week.

Photo Credits: Pixstatic