3 reasons you should avoid instant noodles

Instant noodles

That quick cup of instant noodles might be causing your body some long-lasting damage.

Instant noodles are an extremely popular form of snack food in many countries. They are easy to make, pretty tasty and come in a variety of flavours. However, your body ends up paying a price for all that instant comfort.

Instant noodles

Here are 3 reasons why you should keep away from instant noodles:

1.Low on Nutrition: Each serving of instant noodles contains high amounts of carbohydrates, sodium and other food additives. Nutritional elements such as fibre, vitamins and minerals are almost absent from the product.

2.High on Sodium Content: Instant noodles have more than a required level of sodium in every serving. The average amount of sodium in instant noodle cups crosses 800 mg. The recommended level of sodium intake per day is supposed to be around 2,400 mg, meaning, if you consume one serving of instant noodles you are already taking in more than half of one day’s quota.

3.Contains Unnatural Substances: Many studies have proven that instant noodles contain a wax coating on them. This coating is added so that the noodles don’t stick to one another while cooking. Also, many other substances like dioxin which are present in the noodles’ containers are a cause of concern. All the above substances are not meant for human consumption. In the case of the wax coating, the body takes around two days to clean this wax out of the system.

So the next time you reach out for that cup of instant noodles, think again!

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