4 ways to prevent arthritis for women


Arthritis is a kind of disorder in the joints which involves inflammation of one or more joints. When there is not enough cartilage left in the joints, they rub against each other and that damages the bones.

A study has found that women are more prone to be affected by arthritis. Here are a few ways by which one can prevent such a condition.


1. Say good bye to high heels: Human foot is not designed to be on the toes for long. High heels causes stress to the body alignment by putting pressure on you toes and back.

2. Maintain body weight: Heavy body weight is one of the major risk factors in arthritis. The pressure directly comes on the joints and they wear out faster. As the weight reduces, the pressure on the joints can be released. Change your diet and eat healthy food instead to reduce weight.

3. Vitamin D: Studies have found that most of the women suffering from arthritis have vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is an important nutrient which helps the bones to absorb calcium. If there isn’t any vitamin D then the calcium consumption is of no use.

4. Drink plenty of fluids: The cartilage in the joints are mostly made of water and helps to make a cushion for the joints.

5. Avoid Physical and Mental stress: Stress is a major cause for a lot of health conditions. For prevention of Arthritis keeping the body free of any extreme physical stress is vital, strenuous physical activities such as lifting of heavy objects should be avoided for people predisposed to Arthritis. Also, avoiding mental strain is crucial for such a condition.

Photo Credits: Sheknows